About us

Welcome to United By House, the clothing brand created for ravers who believe in the power of music, unity, and supporting mental health. Our mission is to provide vibrant and expressive rave clothing while making a positive impact on the mental well-being of our community. We believe that on the dance floor, mental health concerns and anxiety fade away, allowing individuals to unleash their true spirit.

Our Story
United By House was founded by Jamie, an avid lover of house & techno music and a passionate advocate for mental health. Having experienced personal struggles with mental health, Jamie discovered solace on the dance floors of Ibiza, where for over a decade, they have been captivated by the energetic beats and the inclusive atmosphere. Inspired by the transformative power of the rave scene, Jamie decided to establish United By House, a brand that combines the love for music, fashion, and mental health support.

Our Commitment
At United By House, we are dedicated to making a difference. We donate 10% of our profits to MIND, a renowned mental health charity, to support their invaluable work in providing assistance and raising awareness. By purchasing our products, you not only express your passion for rave culture but also contribute to a greater cause, helping individuals in need of mental health support.

Unleash Your Spirit, Support Your Mind: Our slogan, “Unleash Your Spirit, Support Your Mind,” encapsulates our brand ethos. We want to empower ravers to embrace their authentic selves, free from inhibitions, while promoting a positive and supportive environment for mental well-being. Through our vibrant and eye-catching rave clothing, we aim to inspire confidence and unity among our community members.

Beyond Clothing
While our primary focus is on providing high-quality rave clothing, we have exciting plans for the future. We are working towards relaunching our podcast, where we will share inspiring stories, insights, and discussions surrounding rave culture, mental health, and personal growth. Additionally, we aspire to collaborate with nightclubs to offer ticket sales, providing our customers with a seamless experience from fashion to immersive events.

Join the United By House Community: We invite you to be a part of our vibrant and inclusive community. Explore our collection of rave clothing, express your unique style, and become a champion for mental health awareness. Together, let’s create a movement that celebrates unity, self-expression, and support for one another.